Ikaros Solar is offering something with panels, inverter, connectors and cable.
This simplifies the configuration comfort for the installer.
We have both packages with thin-film modules as packages with polycrystalline panels.
For custom projects or your required support material does our engineering department like something out.
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Powersets Solar Frontier


  • Panels SF-170-S
  • Inverter (s)
  • DC Cable
  • DC cable pieces with integrated parallel
  • Sunclix connectors (Phoenix Contact)
  • Monitoring (plug & play using RJ45) free portal for 2 years
  • 10 year warranty

The Power of Solar Frontier Sets are complete systems based on its innovative CIS technology. The innovative CIS panels offer the highest yield, even under the toughest conditions.
Perfectly matched components of high quality and reliable ensure fast, error-free installation and safe operation. Due to the high flexibility are the panels suitable for
substantially all the roofs from 15.6 m2, regardless of orientation and slope.

One set - endless mounting options. Each PowerSet can be mounted in many different ways. Even shade,
eg. through chimneys, gutters or trees not limited flexibility. Due to the high schaduwtolerantievan the CIS technology deliver the panels in the shade guaranteed anymore.

An intelligent CIS Turbo converter provides an extra high yield because the capacity is fully utilized without premature derating. This inverter is by Solar Frontier specially
for the Power Kits developed and is optimally tailored to the entire system. It is also used exclusively for the Power Sets. As productive as the result is that simple installation: the CIS Turbo Converter
is configured with a few clicks of a button. In addition, all these targets the size of the system and the specific conditions for the region.
Additionally, the Power Sets can be connected to the Solar Frontier Power Storage System. This storage system is specifically tailored to the Power Sets and optimized it. This provides an excellent share
own private consumption and reduces the electricity bill.

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Ikaros Solar sets

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