The better quality the solar cells, the more power a panel supplies and the higher your returns will be.

Our panels:

• have the lowest tolerance on the delivered power in their category
• comply with the most recent certifications
• ensure their output for minimum 25 years



Solar Frontier 

The Japanese subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu introduced in the autumn of 2010, the brand Solar Frontier Founded by Royal Dutch Shell (35% of the shares) and other investors, mainly from the energy sector. Solar Frontier as a brand name may be relatively recent, the group Showa Shell started in 1978 already researching solar cells. The focus on CIS technology began in 1993 with the entry of NEDO and the first commercial plant in Miyazaki was built in 2007.

This CIS (copper indium selenium) panels, the company seeks the most economical and ecological solar technology to create the world and that the world's largest scale. Currently there are four factories in Japan, totaling approximately 1.2 GWp capacity have per year. In the short term, Solar Frontier a new production plant outside Japan.

The low cost per Wp compared to conventional black solar panels, significantly higher yield in kWh / kWp, its high tolerance for shade, the small losses in an unfavorable orientation and the beautiful aesthetics of the Solar Frontier panels make the application very wide.

The product fits perfectly with budget-minded families who want a beautiful plant with quality panels. Thanks to the stained-glass protection and solid black frame these panels also fit well with agricultural applications, as well as in-megawatt projects where one sets the highest standards for sustainability, yield and long-term reliability.

Ikaros Solar is recognized distributor of Solar Frontier, click here to view the certificate.



Japan's top technology with assembly in Malaysia. HIT cells are highly efficient and have the best temperature coefficient in the market. A thin layer of amorphous silicon around the monocrystalline cell is the cause. This also increases the conductivity and thus the induced voltage even at high outside temperatures. HIT technique was developed based on years of know-how at Sanyo. This made the Panasonic group in 2011 decide to take over Sanyo and integrate into the world-renowned Panasonic group.

Canadian Solar


Founded in 2001 in Canada, Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ) operates as a global energy provider with successful business subsidiaries in 20 countries on 6 continents. Besides serving as a leading manufacturer of solar PV modules and provider of solar energy solutions, Canadian Solar has a geographically diversified pipeline of utility-scale power projects. With the company’s recent acquisition of Recurrent Energy, Canadian Solar’s total project pipeline is now 10.3 GW, including an increase of the late-stage project pipeline to over 2 GW. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada, China and Vietnam, Canadian Solar employs over 8,600 workers worldwide. This translates into more than 14 GW of panel shipments, or over 50 million PV modules, in the past 15 years. Together with Recurrent Energy, Canadian Solar is ushering the way into a new era of clean, competitive, mainstream power.

JA Solar:

JA Solar was founded in May 2005 and has been listed on NASDAQ since 2007. Since 2010 JA Solar has become a leading global manufacturer of solar cells. Besides its extensive experience in the global solar industry, JA Solar is taking advantage of its strength in PV-research and development in order to continue optimizing unique technologies in panel construction and cell production. For the benefit of our customers and their projects, JA Solar places great emphasis on the efficient interconnection of the single solar cells in the module as this guarantees outstanding performance and therefore also a high performance class for all modules. Many years of experience in the industry, being aware of research and development as key to innovation, global customer service, continuity and stability – all these features make JA Solar a competent and reliable partner for you and your projects.

From this manufacturer, we have a limited stock Mono 290 Wp with silver edging on stock.